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A Foundation for Care

We are a family run business with four locations in Utah County and serve individuals from throughout the state of Utah.

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Merlin Moyes

Owner and Administrator

Merlin Moyes is the Owner and Administrator at Medallion Manor. Born in Henderson, Nevada, he later transplanted to Holden, Utah. He has been at Medallion since 1999 and recieved his Healthcare Administrator License in 2002. Outside of work he enjoys outdoor sports, fishing, hiking, running, scuba diving, and spending time with his family.


Paul Ika

QDDP - Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional

Paul Ika is the QDDP Specialist.  He is originally from Tonga.  Paul has greatly enjoyed working in the healthcare field and has found great fulfillment in his work. Outside of work he enjoys gardening, playing, and having fun.


Dave Burrell

QDDP / Program Facilitator

Dave Burrell is the Program Facilitator and is from Provo, UT. He has spent 20 years working with the intellectually disabled. Outside of his regular work hours he enjoys reading.


Jake Wright

QDDP - Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional

Jake, a native of Provo, started working at Medallion Services in May of 2004.  Throughout the years he has worked his way up and is currently a Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional.  He loves that Medallion Services is a family run business.  During his time off, he enjoys hiking


Kirt Kohler

Administrator/ Registered Nurse

Kirt Kohler is an Administrator and Registered Nurse for Medallion Manor. He comes from Midway, Utah and has 14 years of experience in his current field. Outside of work, you can find him doing anything sports related.


Heather Fraughton

Director of Nursing

Heather Fraughton is the Director of Nursing at Medallion Manor. She is from Pleasant Grove Utah.  She has been a nurse for the past 10 years, in which six of those years have been with Medallion. Outside of work, she enjoys singing and playing music.


Aaron Emory

Administrator/Director of Nursing - Payson

Aaron is a local from Provo, Utah. He has been a member of the health care profession for the past 17 years, serving in a variety of roles. The past six years, he has been serving as an Administrator. When not at work, Aaron enjoys spending time on anything sports-related. He promotes both local teams as well as his children's.


Mepa Moala

Director of Recreation

Mepa Moala is the Recreational Therapist.  She is from the island of Tonga. She has worked at Medallion Services for 4 years now and loves her job. Outside of work she loves to spend time with family and dance.


Jenni Baum

Food Service Supervisor

Jenni Baum is the Food Service Supervisor.  She is from Provo, UT. She has worked at Medallion for over 30 years, starting with dish duty. She moved up through the ranks to get her Food Service Supervisor Certificate in order to hold her current position. Outside of work she enjoys reading, camping, and spending time with her family.

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